New York City

Launched in 1999

About the Location 

Founded in 1999, New York City serves as the Headquarters for TIGER 21. TIGER 21 currently operates seven Groups from its charming Townhouse, and the Members who belong to the New York City Groups come from all over the United States to participate in their meetings.

The Chairs

Joel Treisman
Joel Treisman joined TIGER 21 in 2007 as a New York Group Chair and became the company's Chief Learning Officer in 2010. He chairs two TIGER 21 groups in New York and leads TIGER 21's training and...
Barbara Roberts
Since joining 21 in 2006, Barbara Roberts has chaired almost 200 hundred TIGER 21 meetings.  With her years at TIGER 21, her experience building and selling companies and her work with Columbia...
Michael Crawford
Michael C. Crawford is Managing Director at TIGER 21, as well as, Managing Member of Nationwide Wealth Management, LLC.Mr. Crawford was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Technologies, LLC...