TIGER 21’s expansion into California began in Los Angeles, where the first Group started in 2006. Since then it has grown steadily to become a solid Group comprised of Members from a variety of backgrounds.  From real estate to film to biotechnology, many Los Angeles Members have created their own businesses and are successful entrepreneurs. 

The Chair

Gary Reuben

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For the past 15 years, Gary has been a Chairman, facilitator, mentor and coach of ultra high net worth investors, corporate executives, and MBA students. He was a founding Member of TIGER 21 in Los Angeles in 2006, and has been the Group Chair since September 2008. Since 2002, Gary has led and facilitated a program of mentoring and leadership development for MBA students at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.




For more information

Harley Frank

Director of Membership
Phone: (212) 584-0222

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