Who We Are

TIGER 21 (The Investment Group for Enhanced Results in the 21st Century) is the premier peer-to-peer learning network for high net worth investors. Our over 200 Members collectively manage approximately $20 billion in investable assets. Members are entrepreneurs, CEOs, inventors and top executives with backgrounds in financial services, real estate, industrial and consumer goods, legal services, entertainment and medicine. The TIGER 21 learning experience centers on improving the Members’ investment acumen through critique and coaching, as well as exploring common issues of wealth preservation, estate planning and family dynamics.

Our success is built upon our Members’ willingness to share their best thinking, experience, curiosity, and integrity with their fellow Group Members, as well as the entire TIGER 21 community.  

The core of the TIGER 21 experience is what occurs in our Group meetings, which are completely confidential and managed by professional facilitators.  TIGER 21 meetings provide a unique forum for candid discussions and peer-to-peer relationships among individuals facing the challenges and opportunities of managing their wealth.  TIGER 21 Members, who have risen to exceptional heights within corporations or as entrepreneurs and have built and sold successful businesses, join TIGER 21 because they recognize these same business skills do not always translate into successfully managing one’s personal assets.  

The range of expertise and investment styles among Members, shared in a confidential and intimate environment of trust and transparency, offers Members unique insights and immeasurable value not found anywhere else. 

Founded in 1999, TIGER 21 has Groups in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Washington D.C., Dallas, Seattle, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.  The annual investment in a membership is $30,000 USD.


  •   Michael Sonnenfeldt develops the concept for TIGER 21.
    Having not received the objective advice he was searching for regarding
    the management of his wealth after his liquidity event, he brings
    together a group of peers struggling with the similar challenges of
    wealth preservation.
    After the first electric meeting with six Founding Members, “the Group knew they had a winning
    formula to harness the collective intelligence of the ultra-wealthy.”
    The Journal of Wealth Management publishes a treatise on
    peer groups for high net worth investors.  Read Treatise 


  • TIGER 21 now serves 29 Members with the average investable assets per Member at $30 million.
    The organization attracts the attention of the Wall Street Journal, and we are
    featured in two articles:
    In August, we are the subject of an article titled "Peer Counseling for Multimillionaires." Read the Article

    We are featured in "The Investment Club You Can't Get Into," which explains how TIGER 21 differs from other peer groups. Read the Article
    Members now collectively manage approximately $4 billion
    in investable assets.
    Fortune features TIGER 21 in "The Best Therapy $10 Million Can Buy." The article highlights the
    portfolio defense process as well as the monthly group meetings. Read Article
  • The private Member website is launched, providing Members with an
    added level of connectivity outside of their Group

    TIGER 21 is featured in BusinessWeek in an article
    titled "A Capital Crowd." Read Article
    In November, we hold our first Headliner event in New York City with legendary investor Jim Rogers.

    In the course of the year, TIGER 21 also welcomes private equity titans Steve Schwarzman of Blackstone and David Rubenstein of Carlyle to its headquarters to share their insights with our Members.  Learn More

    In December, we issue our first asset allocation survey, which measures the aggregate asset allocation exposures of our Members.

    With 6 groups in New York City, TIGER 21 grows to 105 Members with $7 billion in investable assets. We launch in California with Groups in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles.

  • TIGER 21 expands into Florida and Texas and is featured in The New York Times
    article "Where Everyone Knows Your Portfolio."  Read Article
    Robert Frank, a senior writer for the Wall Street Journal, features TIGER 21 in
    his book RichistanRead Excerpt

    TIGER 21 grows to 165 Members with Groups in 7 U.S. cities, and Members from
    20 states and Canada. The collective investable assets now managed by our
    Members hovers near $11 billion.

    TIGER 21 welcomes Pacific Investment Management Company’s Co-CEO & Co-CIO Mohamed El-Erian to speak about the ongoing credit crisis and warns Members to keep their seatbelts fastened.  Watch interview.
    TIGER 21 is featured in a New York Times article, "Time for a New Strategy." Read Article


  • TIGER 21 unveils its 1st annual “Members Favorites Survey,” designed to highlight our Members favorite investments and financial advisors.  Bloomberg covers the results.
    TIGER 21 announces its plans for international expansion into Canada, which is
    covered in a story featured in  The Globe and Mail 

    We launch our first Group in Washington D.C. and continues to attract worldwide
    press in publications such as the International Herald Tribune and NUVO.

    TIGER 21 hosts its 1st Annual Conference at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. World-class presenters include Leon Black, Richard Gephardt, Ted Koppel, Newt Gingrich, Sam Zell, Wilbur Ross and Bruce Berkowitz.

    TIGER 21 officially expands into Canada with the launch of Groups in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.

    George Soros visits the TIGER 21 Townhouse for a Headliner Series Event.



  • Our 2nd Annual Conference takes place in Scottsdale,
    Arizona. The expert speakers include George Roberts, Cal
    Ripken Jr., Howard Marks, Tim Draper, Jeff Gundlach,
    Jean-Marie Eveillard, Peter Diamandis and Dan Ariely.
    TIGER 21 grows to over 200 high net worth individuals as Members and
    operates 18 Groups throughout the United States and Canada. Members collectively manage $19 billion in investable assets.  

    TIGER 21 hosts its 3rd Annual Conference at The Breakers.  About 70 percent of Members attend, and nearly 400 people participate in the multi day event. 

    The lineup of expert speakers and guests, includes Glenn Hutchins, Dr. George Friedman, Marc Lasry, Pierre LeGrange, Ambassador Henry Crumpton, Barry Sternlicht, Paul Begala, Carly Fiorina, David Hyde Pierce and many more.

     TIGER 21 announces that it is forming its 12th locale in Seattle, Washington.

Quick Facts:
  • Founded in 1999, TIGER 21 is now in its 14th year of operation and has Groups in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Washington D.C., Dallas, Seattle, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
  • We have been featured in over 150 articles since inception by 60 publications locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Our over 200 Members collectively manage approximately $20 billion in investable assets.
  • Members’ ages vary significantly. From young professionals in their early thirties to active and retired business owners in their eighties, the diversity of age ranges contributes significantly to the TIGER 21 learning environment.
  • One of the many unique features of TIGER 21 is an exercise known as the Portfolio Defense®.